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Why The Algebra Story?

65% of all people are Visual Learners! Mathematical operations with positive and negative integers and solving equations are introduced in the school system that heavily rely on students learning abstract concepts that have no meaning or relation to their own life experiences.

The Algebra Story uses the one medium everyone can relate to: video stories. Students pick a Theme, such as Football, Basketball, Soccer, Baseball, Puppies & Kittens or Lions and Tigers.


Our course is suited for forward young kids, struggling middle school students or anyone who needs to learn the basics of math in a fun way!

The course on Integers

  • Addition of Positive Integers
  • Addition of Negative Integers
  • Addition of Positive and Negative Integers
  • Subtraction of Positive and Negative Integers
  • Multiplication of Positive and Negative
  • Multiplication of Two Negative Integers
  • Division of Positive Integers
  • Division of Positive and Negative Integers
  • Division of Negative Integers

One Step Equations

  • Addition Equations Equaling Positive Integers
  • Subtraction Equations Equaling Positive Integers
  • Addition Equations Equaling Positive and Negative Integers
  • Subtraction Equations Equaling Negative Integers
  • Multiplication Equations with Positive and Negative Integers
  • Division Equations with Positive Integers
  • Division Equations with Negative Integers

Soccer Theme

A recently developed theme using Unreal Engine! Your kids will love doing math again!

Puppies and Kittens Theme

This theme is the latest theme we developed. The animations and sequences were developed with a Game Engine for enhanced attractiveness.

In our member section we have a large collection of videos depicting various math problems visualized in 3D. We are continuously working on more exciting content to cater the needs of both students and teachers. Below you can browse some older themes which will slowly be replaced. Please use the video full screen feature for optimal viewing or click on the image for a larger view.

Lions and Tigers Theme

Basketball Theme

Baseball Theme

Football Theme